3 Strategies You Can Use If You Want a Functional Landscape Design

Do you live an area that makes it hard to grow grass? Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.

3 Strategies You Can Use If You Want a Functional Landscape Design

9 April 2021
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A beautiful landscape is what everyone wants to have, but it's not always easy to create it. As a homeowner, it's good to know that a stunning landscape begins with a great design. And since it's sometimes tricky to come up with the right landscape design yourself, it's crucial to involve a landscape designer in the process. 

A great landscape design should be budget-friendly, easy to manage, and sustainable. Actually, the landscape design you choose will determine how inviting your outdoor spaces will be. Here are three strategies you can use if you want to come up with a great landscape design.

1. Get the Soil Tested

Plants play a great role in helping you create a stunning landscape on your property. However, it's crucial to note that not every plant can comfortably grow in your garden. Testing your garden soil helps you know the plants you can grow in your garden. Without a soil test, you can't know the soil's pH or the nutrients available in it. 

Soil testing is critical because it helps you determine the plants that can thrive in your garden or landscape and those that can't. It also helps you determine the soil level and if it's suitable for the deep-rooted plants.

2. Include Different Features

Your landscape design shouldn't just involve the plants. You could also consider other features such as paths, retaining walls, fireplaces, hardscape elements, and pergolas. Such wonderful additions can help you get a livelier landscape design. 

However, it's good to check the garden to know if you need to elevate its current lay. If you want to plant taller shrubs, it's good you create a sloped stretch. With such a stretch, you can add undulating perennials, sedges, and grasses. You could also use some plants as hardscape elements.

3. Fix the Existing Drainage Problems

Drainage issues can greatly affect your landscape design. If you don't fix them in good time, they could also affect the stability and structural strength of some structures. Consider how water flows throughout your residential property before you design your landscape. 

Drainage problems will also make it hard to maintain beautiful driveways. If the water infiltrating deeper in the soil isn't properly monitored and managed, maintaining a safe and beautiful landscape won't be possible.

The landscape design you choose should help enhance your property's image and look. For this reason, you should be keen on the landscape design elements you use. If you want your landscape design to balance function and beauty, contact various services like C  & J Landscaping.

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