Do you live an area that makes it hard to grow grass? Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.

How To Know A Tree Needs Removal After A Big Winter Storm

29 December 2022
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A blizzard or even a big winter storm can be really hard on trees. The ice that freezes on them can cause limbs to break and crack. High winds can even blow them over or uproot them partially. After such a storm, it is a good idea to head outside and check on your trees. If you spot any of the following problems, the trees in question may need to be removed. Read More …

A Landscape Contractor Is Likely Better Than A DIY Situation

9 December 2022
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If you've decided to transform your yard with some fantastic landscaping, you might be thinking of taking the task upon yourself. However, before you decide on this approach, you should consider the reasons why a landscape contractor may be a much better idea. This information can help you understand this because it will cover just some of the ways the landscape contractor can offer great advantages. Keep in mind, there are others as well. Read More …

Purchased Acreage To Build A Home? Hire An Excavation Service

23 November 2022
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If you purchased acreage and are planning to build a home, the land may not be ready. There may be a lot of trees, bushes, and other debris. If so, the quickest way to remove these things so you can start building is to hire an excavation service. Below is information on how this works. Excavation Equipment  It can be useful to know the excavation equipment that will be used to clear your land. Read More …

How To Decorative Rocks Can Up Your Landscaping Game

25 October 2022
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Folks planning landscaping work on their properties usually don't jump right to thinking about rocks. However, working with a decorative rock supplier is a great way to up your landscaping game. Let's explore five ways you can use landscaping rock to create a more lovely property. Points of Interest Large rocks can be especially interesting features. This is particularly true on relatively flat landscapes. You might place a large landscaping rock along a stone path to mark the intersection or just break up a long run of grass without other features. Read More …

4 Ways You Can Benefit From Well Drilling Services

11 October 2022
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Water is a necessity for life. It is essential for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning. Most people take water for granted and do not think about where it comes from or how it gets to their homes. Water wells have been used for centuries as a way to access groundwater. Groundwater is water that is underground in the cracks and spaces between rocks and sediment. Well drilling aims to create a hole in the ground so you can access underground water. Read More …

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I live in an area that is very difficult to grow grass. If I was to water my lawn a couple of times each day, the grass may grow, but that would cost me a small fortune in water bills and waste a lot of water that could be used for more efficient purposes. Instead of fighting the grass to grow, I decided to embrace the dryness of the area and complete the landscape design using mostly hardscape materials. I used rocks of all sizes coupled with wood to create a yard that I love to spend time in and am very proud of. Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.