How River Rocks Can Work In Your Landscape Design

Do you live an area that makes it hard to grow grass? Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.

How River Rocks Can Work In Your Landscape Design

18 September 2015
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Creating natural landscape design can be challenging when you are working with hills or rolling grounds. You may have been advised to put up fencing or other decorative additions that take away from the all-natural look you are trying to achieve.  If you are wondering how you can fix the problems areas in your landscape without stepping out of the bounds of nature, check out these tips using flat river rocks.

Do You Need A Durable Retainer Wall?

Landscapes with hills can mean a lot of water run-off that can destroy plants and other vegetation at its foot. Getting vegetation to grow on some hills can be extremely difficult due to moving water washing away seeds and young roots.  If you want to avoid concrete or wooden retainer to maintain your natural design, large river rocks can be the perfect way to do so. Cementing flat river rock to a concrete retainer wall will give it the all-natural look you are after while also helping to stop unhealthy water run-off.

Mimicking The Stairs That Mother Nature Creates

When you need steps up to a higher level of your garden and you want your design to remain as natural as possible, concrete or traditional wooden steps will not do. However, large flat river rocks can make perfect steps, especially when you cement them onto concrete slaps already in place as your steps. By cementing your river rocks, you never have to worry about them moving or presenting any dangers to someone walking up the steps.

The Places That Nothing Seems To Grow In

If you have areas in your landscape that is challenging for grass and other vegetation to grow, turning them into rock beds can be a beautiful cover. You might think about the addition of a small waterfall for flowing into your rock bed to enhance your natural appeal even more. Rocks come in many sizes and colors, allowing you several choices for the creation of a unique rock bed.

Unusual Choices For Your Lawn Furniture

If you have worked hard to maintain a natural look in your landscape or garden, you certainly do not want to spoil it with unsuitable lawn furniture.  Choosing rock and stone furnishings can not only add to your natural appeal, it can have a unique impact on your guests. Several styles of lawn furnishings fashioned out of rock are available for you to choose from. Spending time planning an all-natural landscape using rocks will be worth it when you can sit back and enjoy its stress-free benefits.

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