3 Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Looking Great

Do you live an area that makes it hard to grow grass? Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.

3 Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Looking Great

30 September 2015
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How to keep a lawn looking nice might seem like a mystery to some people. You may put a lot of time and effort into your lawn, only to have it look subpar. Luckily, getting a nice looking yard doesn't have to be unattainable. There are a couple simple things you can do to keep your lawn looking great. Here are a couple tips.

1. Spray For Bugs

One of the most important things you can do is manage pests in the yard. Everyone knows how important it is to spray for bugs and pests in the house, but many people do not realize how many bugs they have in their yard. For example, there are some bugs that will actually nest in your grass and eat through the grass. They will steal the nutrients from the soil and from the grass so that it will inevitably die. This is why it is best if you can have professionals come and spray your grass at least once a year. Ideally, the beginning of the season is the best time to prevent the bugs from nesting.

You will notice that your grass has patches of dead spots, rather than everything dying, if you have bugs.

2. Water Only A Couple Days

More water is better, right? When you are talking about volume you may be right, but not with frequency. It is better to water your lawn a couple times a week and really drench the lawn when you do. If you try to water the lawn everyday or a couple times a day a little bit, it won't work as well. You need the roots of the grass to become really soaked. That way it will allow the roots to get as much nutrients as they need. If you only give the grass a little water each day, even if you do it often, it will never fully reach the roots and the grass will die.

3. Keep The Grass Clippings On The Grass

When you mow your lawn try not to bag it. The grass clippings act as a great fertilizer for the existing grass. They will fall back towards the roots and nourish the soil. If you haven't mowed for a long time, and the grass is extra long, you may need to bag it. But if you are on top of mowing and your clippings and normal sized, keep them on the grass.

By doing these simple things you can keep your lawn looking great. For professional help, contact local landscapers, such as Glynn Young's Landscaping & Nursery Center.

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