Get A Lush Lawn With Hydroseeding

Do you live an area that makes it hard to grow grass? Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.

Get A Lush Lawn With Hydroseeding

19 October 2015
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While sod may be the quickest way to get a beautiful new lawn, it is also the most expensive. However, starting a lawn from seed is often a hit or miss process, plus it takes a long time to see results. To improve the results you get from grass seed, you should consider hydroseeding. It will still take a few weeks to get your lawn established, but your grass should be lush and healthy when it erupts. Here's an overview of how hydroseeding works.

Seeds And Nutrients Mixed Together

Hydroseeding is so successful because a blended solution is sprayed onto your yard rather than just seeds alone. The mixture usually consists of your choice of grass seeds plus fertilizer and mulch. The mulch keeps your seeds moist and protected while the fertilizer nourishes the sprouts.

You'll need special equipment to plant grass seed this way if you want to do the job yourself. If you have a large yard, you'll probably want to rent a machine from a home improvement store that makes spreading the seed easier. If your yard is fairly small and can be reached by a garden hose, you can use a hose and canister attachment. If you go this route, you mix the solution into the canister and attach it to the hose. Then you spray the mix onto your yard. The best option may be to hire a landscaper to do the job, especially if you have a large yard. That way you won't find out weeks later you did a spotty job of applying the seed and are left with several bare spots in your lawn.

Lawn Preparation Is Necessary

Although hydroseeding is the ideal way to spread grass seed on your lawn, you'll get the best results if you prep the ground first. Since hydroseeding creates a good environment for sprouting, you may grow weeds in addition to grass if you don't start with fresh soil. The optimum choice is to start with bare topsoil that is free from rocks and dirt clods. This creates the perfect growing medium for the new grass seeds as the roots will be in the best environment for strong growth.

If you already have grass in your yard and just want to rejuvenate it, then you can use this method over your existing lawn. You should still prep the area first by raking the lawn so the seed can attach to the soil. It's best to undertake this process in the spring when the growing season begins and there is plenty of sun during the day to support the growth of grass sprouts.

Water Is Critical

The mulch in the mixture helps the soil retain moisture, but you'll still need to water your lawn frequently after planting the seeds. The soil should stay moist until the grass has sprouted and it is ready to mow. Once the grass is strong and healthy, you can cut back on watering your lawn. Since you'll need to water the seeds frequently, you may want to install a sprinkler system before applying the seeds. If you don't install an underground system, you can use a portable system with a sprinkler and your garden hose.

In addition to giving your new grass seeds plenty of water, you also need to give them space. Try to keep your kids and big pets off the grass as much as possible until your lawn is established, otherwise your lawn may develop dead spots. If you do notice spotty areas in your grass after a few weeks, all you have to do is spray more of the seed mixture onto your lawn until you have a lush carpet of healthy grass.

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