Autumnal Accents And Focal Points That Bring Fall Flair To Your Backyard

Do you live an area that makes it hard to grow grass? Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.

Autumnal Accents And Focal Points That Bring Fall Flair To Your Backyard

20 October 2015
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Have fun this fall with some distinctive and diverse accents and focal points for your backyard or patio. Give the landscaping autumnal flair while keeping it simple and tasteful.

Some fun fall features for your outdoor space include:

Gorgeous grapevine.

Use [a] simple yet sophisticated grapevine to create a large and full wreath for the entrance to your space. These are easily found at crafting stores, but be sure to buy a large one for the most dramatic display. A roll of raffia ribbon makes a bow that suits the fall season. Consider raffia or grapevine garland for your arbor, porch, or pergola to bring a bit more rustic charm.

Beautiful bronze.

Elevate a simple display with a can of metallic bronze spray-paint. Use brown- bronze mums as your foundation element and spray-paint all the other features to coordinate with the flowers. Use pumpkins, gourds, and planters spray-painted the same shade of bronze, and arrange them on a set of steps or the patio.

Autumn whimsy.

Don't think you have to sacrifice whimsy when creating an elegant yard and landscape; there are many fun, festive features that can fit in even the most sophisticated design. For instance, corn husks, hay-bales, and carved pumpkins remain seasonal staples, and these are typically balanced by a front door for a rustic, yet contemporary, look. Consider filling a wheelbarrow with mums to prop in the yard or garden; hang wired mason jars from your clothesline and fill each with a small cluster of fresh or silk mums. 

Pumpkin planters.

Another idea is to clean out pumpkins and use them for containers for yellow or white mums. Line them up along the steps, or use one for your patio table centerpiece. Try different sizes, shapes, and even colors to create the most intriguing, unique planters for your mums or other plants.

Festive fire.

A fire-pit brings a certain warmth to your yard during the fall season, and these can be purchased inexpensively at most home and garden retail venues. Set a cast-iron pot on top with some cinnamon sticks and a bit of water or wine to create a warm, fragrant atmosphere that will beckon you outside.

There are many cool things that you can do to create a fall theme in your yard without the typical accents and decorations. Try these ideas for something a little different, and that will bring an autumnal touch to your home's yard and landscape. 

For more ideas for backyard landscapes, click this link or do an online search.  

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