Increasing The Appearance Of A Small Yard

Do you live an area that makes it hard to grow grass? Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.

Increasing The Appearance Of A Small Yard

24 October 2015
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If your yard is rather small and you wish to make it look like it is larger than it is in actuality, there are a few tricks you can do with simple landscape methods. Tricking the brain into thinking a space is larger can be done by drawing the eyes to certain areas of the yard. Here are a few illusions you can create in your own yard to make people believe you have more acreage than you really do.

Break Up Flat Space

Instead of accentuating a small lawn by keeping it flat and trim, add a sidewalk, cobblestone path, or some stepping-stones through the land to help distract people from noticing a small space. This walkway will work even better if it is not placed in a straight path. Have it curve through the land or place it with a few jagged turns to help draw eyes back and forth when walking through the area.

Add Some Distractions

When space is flat, the eyes will glaze over the area quickly and alert the brain that a small area is being viewed. Drawing the eyes into other directions because there are several things to see will make the land seem larger because of its busyness. Place a decorative statue in the middle of a small parcel of land to give people something pleasurable to view. Place a birdbath, a fountain or a bench in the yard to divert attention away from the size of the land.

Use Color To Brighten

To help give your yard more appeal, add several plants and colorful flowers throughout the space to give the area character. Warm colors like yellow, orange and red give a happy glow to an otherwise sad plot of land. Place larger blooms in festive flower pots to increase the warmth of the space. Add a few garden signs or painted rocks to give people something to view as they walk through the yard as well.

Draw Eyes Upward

Place a few items at higher levels in your yard so people need to look upward to appreciate them. This will give the impression of a larger space, because the eyes will need to look up and back down to see everything in the area. Do not stop with one tier of height, but place items at different heights to make the space look even bigger. A flagpole or carved tree would gain a lot of attention for the highest level. A medium level attraction could be a bird feeder or bird house on a pole, and lower-level diversions could be flowerpots on top of cinder blocks or large rocks. A retaining wall would also break up the space while drawing eyes upward.

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