Three Things To Know When Hiring A Snow Removal Company

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Three Things To Know When Hiring A Snow Removal Company

27 October 2015
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When you own a business in an area that is prone to snow during the winter, it is best to make plans ahead of time. You do not want to wait to hire a snow removal company until the last minute because that could cause you to rush and choose the wrong company. The following guide walks you through the process of hiring a snow removal company to clean your business' parking lot this winter.

Choose a Local Snow Removal Company

You want to be sure that the snow removal company you choose works locally. The truck that clears your parking lot will have to travel to your location, and the less distance between the two means the sooner the driver can get the job done.

Sign up for a Seasonal Contract

Many snow removal companies offer you the ability to sign a seasonal contract that allows you to have your parking lot cleaned for a set price every time it snows during the winter or the ability to schedule each cleaning individually. Businesses that sign up for the seasonal agreements will often have their lots cleaned first because they will be considered a priority.

Provide an Outline of Your Parking Lot

When you hire a snow removal company, you need to provide an outline of your parking lot to the company so that they can know where the parking stops are located at the edges of the parking spaces and where the islands are located in the lot so that they do not cause damage to them with the snow plow. Also, you may want to indicate where you want the mounds to be created when the snow is removed from the lot. In a corner of the lot is often best because it will be out of the way until it melts.

Hiring a snow removal company ensures that customers can get to your business with ease after inclement weather has hit. The snow removal takes a very short amount of time to accomplish and is worth the investment if you consider that many businesses will not be able to open because they did not take the time to plan ahead. The customers that might have gone to another business will now be able to come to your business instead. It is important to note that the company will have many clients so be patient on snow days because your lot may not be the first lot that is plowed. For more information about snow removal services, contact a company like LP Stewart & Sons Inc.

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