Adding A Fish Pond To Your Landscaping

Do you live an area that makes it hard to grow grass? Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.

Adding A Fish Pond To Your Landscaping

5 November 2015
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There's something quite peaceful about a pond no matter how big or small. They can be beautiful and relaxing, while adding visual appeal to your landscape. You can add fish to them for even more interest and appeal. Here is what you need to about designing a fishpond for your yard.

Decide Where You Want to Put the Pond

Choose an area with a lot of sunlight, which is essential for your fish. Also, make sure your pond site has stable soil to avoid issues with erosion. For a fishpond you have to make it at least 30 inches deep so that it doesn't freeze in the winter and is big enough to hold fish. The bigger the fish, the bigger the pond needs to be.

Buy the Materials

There are several things you will need to design a successful fishpond. If this is the first fishpond you are creating, you might want to buy a kit. They come with everything you need. If not, here is what you will need to create one yourself.

  • Pond liner
  • Filter or skimmer
  • Water feature (optional)
  • Lights (optional)

Install a Water Feature

After completing the basics of installing the actual pond, you can now install extras such as a water feature. You can use a water fountain or a waterfall to make sure the water is moving, which will add oxygen to your pond. This is essential for the fish, and the moving water will keep algae and mosquitoes from infesting your pond. Not to mention the fact that it adds beauty to your pond as well as a relaxing sound.

Add Other Extras

Use other extras for your pond such as pond lighting or plants. You can use plastic plants, but nothing is better than the real thing such as water lilies. This will also make a more natural environment for your fish while providing shade for them.

Introduce Your Fish

Whether you are making a goldfish pond or a koi pond, the procedure to introduce your fish to the pond is the same as introducing fish to an aquarium. Place the fish in the pond, while still keeping them in the closed bag for about a half an hour. Check your water levels to make sure they are safe for fish and then slowly allow water into the bag while making sure the water in the bag doesn't leak out. At this point, you can remove the fish from the bag with a net and allow them to swim freely in the pond.

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