The Benefits Of Lake Fountain Aeration

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The Benefits Of Lake Fountain Aeration

25 December 2015
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Adding a pond or lake to your personal or commercial property can increase the beauty and value of your land. Maintaining that lake does take some effort. Fortunately, installing a fountain in your lake can take care of multiple issues for you by providing aeration, a necessity for a healthy body of water. In addition, they simply add beauty to your home or business. 

Water Quality

The aeration provided by a lake fountain improves the quality of the water. Sediments, gasses, and metals are released from the bottom of the lake or pond. When the right aeration is used, these substances are released into the air at the surface. Aeration also removes carbon dioxide while limiting alkalinity and encouraging proper pH levels. You will get less pond algae as well due to the spores being drawn into areas where they do not get enough sunlight to thrive. Your lake can easily become an eyesore if it doesn't have the proper aeration.


Your lake or pond will attract more than compliments. Insects adore water and will swarm to your property. Without taking preventative steps, you will see bees, wasps, and other potentially dangerous insects in addition to gnats and flies. When you add a fountain, bugs are repelled by the movement of the water. They find it difficult to drink and reproduce there. You are then able to enjoy your body of water instead of having to avoid it. 


If you have fish in your lake or pond, a good aeration system will help them grow fat and healthy. When there is enough oxygen in the water, the good plant life at the bottom of the water will thrive, ensuring a plentiful food source for your fish. In particular, warm water fish will benefit because they are more dependent on higher "dissolved" oxygen levels. Lake fountains can provide enough aeration to allow your fish to multiply. 

A lake fountain is more than mere decoration, although it certainly adds value to your landscape. A fountain provides the right level of aeration, improving the quality of the water as well as discouraging insects. A properly aerated pond also allows your fish and "good" plant life to thrive. Adding a pond or lake to your property improves the aesthetics and usually increases the value of your land. You can maintain this asset by installing a visually striking lake fountain to your pond or lake. 

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