Fencing Ideas With Features For Gardening And Irrigation Systems

Do you live an area that makes it hard to grow grass? Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.

Fencing Ideas With Features For Gardening And Irrigation Systems

2 February 2017
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Modern fences come in all types and styles, with different features and materials. One trending design feature is fencing that uses vertical gardening to bring them to life. With a vertical garden, you have a solution for limited landscaping spaces, but you will also need and irrigation system. Here are some ideas to give your fence a vertical garden design with built-in irrigation:

1. Installing A Simple Programmer and Irrigation Controls for Fencing

If you have an irrigation system installed, you will not want to have to operate it manually. There are many options for controls and programmers for drip and other irrigation systems. If you have a smaller garden fence, then you may just want to use a timer that is easy to program. For larger designs, you will benefit from having a more complete programmable controller that gives you information like soil moisture, rainfall levels, and other details that can improve the irrigation of your garden.

2. Choosing from Drip, Mist and Other Low-Consumption Irrigation Solutions

Conventional sprinklers are not the ideal solution for a vertical garden because of the watering needs and waste. To improve the watering of your plants, you will probably want to use a drip irrigation system to provide water to plants where and when they need it. In addition to drip irrigation, there are also mist systems that can be used for areas with fruits, vegetables, and herbs, to ensure that they are always fresh and healthy. If you have a rain collection system for your home, make sure that the vertical garden drains to this system to conserve as much water as possible.

3. Connecting the Vertical Garden Fence to An Existing Sprinkler System If Needed

When you have a fence with a vertical garden installed, there may be an existing sprinkler system that you already have for your home. The new lines and controllers can be connected to the existing system to reduce installation labor. One thing that you will probably need is a pressure control, as well as separate irrigation timer or programmer for the different drip irrigation that you have installed.

Vertical gardens in fence designs work well to save space or to make an elegant garden in landscaping designs. Fencing with plants also need irrigation, which you can contact a residential sprinkler systems service to help with the watering needs of your new fence design. The sprinkler service such as Wagner SOD Company will help create vertical garden irrigation to make sure your new green fence is a success. 

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