2 Questions To Ask Prospective Snow Removal Services

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2 Questions To Ask Prospective Snow Removal Services

27 October 2020
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With winter coming, it's time to start thinking about how you are going to get rid of the snow that is coming with it. One way to do it is to go out and shovel out your driveway yourself, but that can be a lot of work and it may be something that is too difficult for you to handle, depending on how big your driveway is. That's why you might consider using a snow removal service. Before you hire a service, there is some information that you should get. Finding out the answers will make it easier for you to make the right decision for you. 

Charge Set Up

One thing that you want to find out from a snow removal service is how they are going to set up their charges to you. You want to find out whether they are going to charge you per storm or per trip. In a heavy storm, the removal service may come out several times to clear out your driveway. If they charge by trip, you are going to pay for every time they come out to your house. If they charge by storm, then you only pay for each snow event, no matter how many times they come to clear you out. 

Payment Options

You always want to find out what kind of payment options the snow removal service offers. They may bill you monthly for all the trips the previous months, or the service may want to be paid after each event. You should also find out how you can pay them. One option that the snow removal service may offer is that they invoice you electronically through an online banking service. You can then just transfer the money electronically and get it all handled that way. That can make everything more convenient for you because you don't have to worry about having cash or a check on hand to pay the snow removal service, or being awake or home when they are doing the snow removal. Electronic invoices and transfers can be a good way to handle things during a pandemic as well since you can remain appropriately distanced from the snow removal driver. 

Before winter hits, you want to make sure that you have a snow removal plan lined up so that you aren't going to be snowed into your driveway, or worse yet, snowed out of your driveway. Making sure that you ask the snow removal service some questions will make it easier for you to decide who to use. For more information about snow removal, contact a local service.

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