Three Types of Home Lawn Sprinklers

Do you live an area that makes it hard to grow grass? Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.

Three Types of Home Lawn Sprinklers

25 November 2020
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If you are considering the installation of a lawn sprinkler system, you need to make sure you understand the options available. Sprinkler systems fall into three main types, with each suitable for different tasks.


A drip irrigation system wastes the least amount of water compared to every other type of home sprinkler system. There are several different types of emitters used on a drip line. Basic drip emitters and soakers simply dribble water directly onto the soil, and they are best suited in landscaping and garden beds with evenly spaced plants. Bubblers have water that bubbles up and soaks a section of soil, and they are typically used around trees or shrubs. Generally, drip systems are only suitable for use in landscaping beds or around shrubbery, and they aren't as suited for use in large lawn areas.


Spray systems are likely the type of sprinkler system you are most familiar with, as they are one of the most heavily used sprinkler types in residential lawns. Typically, the emitters sit underground and out of sight when the system isn't in use. When in use, the sprinkler pops up and spray the water over the grass. The emitters come in different spray patterns, including full, half, and quarter circle. These systems work well in small lawn areas since you can customize the pattern and distance to the size of lawn that requires watering. They also waste minimal water because the moisture is sprayed right over the surface of the lawn so less is lost to evaporation and wind.


You likely recognize rotary sprinklers by the noise they make as they move. You often see rotary systems in parks or other settings with large expanses of lawn. This is because rotary emitters can spray over the greatest distance when compared to the other options. Of course, the further they are designed to spray, the more likely that moisture will be lost to evaporation and wind. For home use, rotary sprinklers are best reserved for large areas where you can't install multiple spray emitters and need one emitter to cover a large swath of grass. Much like spray emitters, rotary sprinklers can be adjusted for full, half, or quarter circle coverage.

Contact a sprinkler installation service to learn more about the options available for your home. Using the right sprinklers will save you money on water bills while ensuring your lawn remains green and healthy.

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