5 Landscaping Materials For An Attractive Yard

Do you live an area that makes it hard to grow grass? Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.

5 Landscaping Materials For An Attractive Yard

24 February 2022
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A quality, attractive landscaping job requires much more than just a few plants to create. Attractive landscaping also depends upon the installation of permanent features that form the framework for the living part of the yard. The following are some of the most vital supplies one needs for successfully landscaping one's yard.

1. Mulch Materials

Mulch is available in a range of materials. Plain straw is most suited for vegetable beds, but attractive pine straw or bark mulch can be used to cover bare soil around trees and shrubs, or it can be used in flower beds or anywhere else there would otherwise be weedy, bare soil. There are also gravel mulches available, which works well for mulching paths or putting in around plants that require well-drained soils. 

2. Border Edging 

If your yard is landscaped but somehow seems incomplete, missing border edging could be the cause. Edging is used to separate planting beds from lawn areas or pavement. There is utilitarian black rubber edging, or you can opt for an attractive molded plastic option that resembles wood or stone. One can also find real stone or brick edging materials, which provide a very attractive alternative to other options. 

3. Soil Building

Your landscaping plants are only as healthy as the soil they grow in. Fortunately, most landscaping suppliers sell soil builders both by the bag and by the truckload, depending upon your needs. You can find topsoil and compost for replenishing lost soil. There will also be a range of soil conditioners and fertilizers available to improve your soil's nutrient profile. 

4. Paver Stones

Paver stones are typically made of concrete and are designed to be flat enough to fit together to create paved surfaces like walkways or patios. Some styles can also be stacked to create walls or raised border edging. Landscaping suppliers sell pavers in a range of designs, from simple rectangular cobbles to those that look just like natural stones or have designs stamped into their surface.

5. Stabilizer Aids

Soil stabilization can be the main challenge if you have a slope in your yard, but the good news is that a landscape supplier will have a few options for stabilizing the slopes. Reinforcement geogrids, for example, can be installed over a slope. The grid openings are filled with soil that stabilizes the grid, and then grass or groundcover is planted in the grid for attractive coverage and further stabilization. Other stabilization aids, such as stakes and berm devices, are also typically available. 

Contact a landscape material supply service such as AP Topsoil LLC to find out what is available for your landscaping project.

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