How To Decorative Rocks Can Up Your Landscaping Game

Do you live an area that makes it hard to grow grass? Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.

How To Decorative Rocks Can Up Your Landscaping Game

25 October 2022
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Folks planning landscaping work on their properties usually don't jump right to thinking about rocks. However, working with a decorative rock supplier is a great way to up your landscaping game. Let's explore five ways you can use landscaping rock to create a more lovely property.

Points of Interest

Large rocks can be especially interesting features. This is particularly true on relatively flat landscapes. You might place a large landscaping rock along a stone path to mark the intersection or just break up a long run of grass without other features. For example, there might be a far side of your property where you're not ready to install bigger landscaping features like trees and bushes. To add a couple of points of interest, you could through in some neat-looking rocks.

Facing of Slopes

Landscaping a slope can be especially challenging. One possible solution, though, is to install decorative rocks. You will have to be careful about the possibility of falling rocks in an area like this. However, if there's nothing below the slope, you can usually find something that'll make it look better by consulting with a decorative landscape rock supplier.

This can make a major difference if you're dealing with a slope that doesn't promote plant growth. Using rocks as facing can mask ugly brown grass on a dry and sun-beaten slope, for example.


A rock supplier can also hook you up with materials to cover areas in your yard. Perhaps you are bored with using mulch and want to cover the ground with something different. Also, there are practical reasons, such as covering the bases of small trees in locations where grass doesn't easily grow. You could use rocks as cover to add character to a planter, too.


Marking out a path without creating a bunch of mud can be tough in some environments. You may also not want to invest in more expensive pavers. Rather than get into a very involved project, you could use landscaping rock. Digging into the ground a few inches will allow you to create a simple base. You can then pour the rocks into the open ground to create a path.

Small Structures

Decorative rocks are also useful for building many types of small structures. You can use them to construct a fire pit, for example. However, you should talk with a rock supplier about which types will work best in a location with heat.

You could also build a small wall to add some interest to an otherwise boring area of grass. In that scenario, you'll want to install rocks that weather slowly.

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