How To Know A Tree Needs Removal After A Big Winter Storm

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How To Know A Tree Needs Removal After A Big Winter Storm

29 December 2022
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A blizzard or even a big winter storm can be really hard on trees. The ice that freezes on them can cause limbs to break and crack. High winds can even blow them over or uproot them partially. After such a storm, it is a good idea to head outside and check on your trees. If you spot any of the following problems, the trees in question may need to be removed. It's a good idea to have a tree company come take a look, give you a professional opinion, and if needed, remove the trees.

Major Limbs Lost

Losing a few branches is no big deal for the average tree. However, losing a major limb is a different story. If your tree only has two big limbs and one of them breaks off, that tree may not have enough leaves left to produce energy for its whole structure. Sometimes, trees that have lost major limbs are no longer stable and might come tumbling down in the next storm. So, a tree removal company might recommend just having such a tree taken down.

Cracks in the Trunk

Sometimes a wind won't be strong enough to blow a tree over, but it will come close, causing a tree's trunk to crack. The tree might look okay from a distance, but if you get close and can see a crack in the trunk, that's a bad sign. A tree with a cracked trunk usually can't transport nutrients and water up to its leaves, so it will soon die. It will only become weaker and more apt to blow over completely as time goes on. So, tree removal companies generally recommend taking down trees with cracked trunks sooner rather than later.

Interference With Structures

Is the tree tilted sideways towards your fence? Maybe it has a big, dangling limb that is just feet from your roof. Sometimes a roofing company can trim back a tree or straighten it to address issues like these. Other times, the tree will be so badly compromised that removing it is the best choice for the tree and for your property.

After a big winter storm, it is not unusual to need trees removed. Look yours over closely, and call a tree care company if there seems to be anything seriously wrong. They can guide you in the right direction. 

For more information about tree removal, contact a local company.

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