Do you live an area that makes it hard to grow grass? Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.

2 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Commercial Landscaping Company To Maintain Your Business’s Property

17 August 2023
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If your business sits on a large piece of grassy land, you may think that all you need to do is to have someone on your maintenance crew mow it every week or so. However, while keeping the grass mowed does help with maintaining the landscape, there is often more to the work. When it comes time to plan the maintenance for your business's landscape, you should seriously consider having your own crew work on other tasks and hire a professional service to take care of the property. Read More …

Landscaping Maintenance: Keeping Your Green Space in Top Shape

1 August 2023
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Landscaping is more than just a visual delight; it's an investment that enhances the value and appeal of your property. However, maintaining a beautiful landscape requires regular attention and effort. Whether you're managing a residential yard or a commercial property, here are some essential tips for effective landscaping maintenance. Regular Mowing and Trimming Maintaining a neat and tidy lawn is the cornerstone of any landscaping maintenance routine. Regular mowing keeps your grass healthy and attractive. Read More …

Irrigation System Repair: Restoring Efficient Watering For A Vibrant Landscape

12 July 2023
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An irrigation system is a valuable asset for maintaining a lush and healthy landscape. However, over time, irrigation systems may encounter issues such as leaks, clogged sprinkler heads, or malfunctioning timers, resulting in inefficient watering and potential damage to your plants. Below are different types of irrigation systems and problems you may have. Types of Irrigation Systems One type is the sprinkler irrigation system. Sprinkler systems consist of sprinkler heads strategically placed throughout the area to be watered. Read More …

The Advantages And Considerations Of Artificial Grass In Modern Landscaping

27 June 2023
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Artificial grass, also known as artificial turf, has become popular in landscaping because it has low maintenance requirements, is durable, and provides a year-round green appearance. Below are some of the advantages of artificial grass and key considerations for you to make before you have your new artificial grass installed. Benefits of Artificial Grass Some benefits you will find with artificial grass include: Reduced Water Usage One of the primary benefits of artificial grass is its minimal water requirements. Read More …

5 Ways To Integrate Brickwork Into Your Landscaping

5 June 2023
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Bricks aren't just for chimneys or a home's exterior wall. You can integrate the beauty of brickwork into many features of your landscape. 1. Brick Paving Sidewalks and patios made of brick are often much more attractive compared to boring concrete. There are two options with brick paving—mortared or dry fitting. With the first option, the bricks are laid over a prepared base that is covered in mortar, and more mortar is used to hold the bricks together. Read More …

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I live in an area that is very difficult to grow grass. If I was to water my lawn a couple of times each day, the grass may grow, but that would cost me a small fortune in water bills and waste a lot of water that could be used for more efficient purposes. Instead of fighting the grass to grow, I decided to embrace the dryness of the area and complete the landscape design using mostly hardscape materials. I used rocks of all sizes coupled with wood to create a yard that I love to spend time in and am very proud of. Find out how to use nothing more than hardscape materials to finish your property.